CTFtime Event

大家好,我們是來自南投 (X) 台灣 (O) 的 CTF 戰隊 TSJ。很興奮地跟大家宣布經過數個月的籌備後,第一屆的 TSJ CTF 即將在 2/26 (六) 10:00 ~ 2/28 (一) 13:00 (UTC+8) 舉辦。

我們準備了許多有趣及高水準(希望)的題目,前數名的隊伍將能獲得總額 10000 的獎金。歡迎有空的夥伴們一起來參加。

※ 聲明:我們設計了一系列充滿臺灣特色的通靈題目以致敬某比賽,並取名為 CSC (Cursed Shamen Challenge) ,在此誠摯建議您不要花費過多時間解此類別的題目。

We are glad to announce that TSJ CTF is going to be held on Feb. 26 02:00 ~ Feb. 28 05:00 (UTC).

There are tons of creative and high quality (we hope so) challenges and we also prepared prizes of total 10000 NTD for the top teams.

Looking forward to see you on Feb 26!

※ Notice: CSC (Cursed Shaman Challenges) is a category consisting of Taiwanese-style pure guessing challenges. We designed them to pay tribute to a competition held in Taiwan, and we recommend that you don't spend too much time on these challenges if you can't solve them.


  • 1st: 5000 NTD
  • 2nd: 3000 NTD
  • 3rd: 1000 NTD
  • Taiwan Star: 1000 NTD
  • ※Taiwan Star (Top domestic team) is selected exclusively from the top 3 teams